About Me

Name: Randy Talbot
Hometown: Now in Royersford, PA from Santa Rosa, CA

Hobbies: Music,  movies, going out
Music: Rock and pop, country
Movies: dont have a favorite
Languages: English



My motto: DUDE!!

Hi. My name is Randy Talbot, and I'm from Santa Rosa, CA. but I live in Phoenixville, PA. I work for a big company and I am the longest employed person there, been there 9 years, and I love my job! its scary but I bust my ass and do what I do best.

As for my private life, I'm currently single (living with someone that I love) and enjoying the extra free time that I don't have, but I'm an optimist, and I'm easily amused by the little things in life. That's a lie......I do nothing but work, as I love my job!! There are 2 people who know me and they know who I am. if you want to know me, ask. if you don't ask and assume....then you have a problem. you like drama.

Wat up? Wat up? Where do I get started.... My name is Randy and I live in the burbs of Philadelphia . I'm the kind of guy that people judge by their cover. To tell you the truth I'm about the nicest person you will ever meet. I don’t like drama, that’s not me. If I see it I ignore it. I'm really straight forward about everything in life. I have a good sense of how to treat people, and to know how they are gona treat me.. I give nothing but respect to everybody out there. Black, White, Mexican, Chinese.... I don’t care. You're all the same to me, and Ill show everybody the same amount of respect they show me, and vice-versa. I love to party and hang out with my friends... Sometimes I go overboard with it, but that’s the only way it’s any fun. You either do it or you don't. Never go half ass on it... I have some really good friends that are always there when I need them. Not everybody can say that. I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are the best ones you can ever have. I am big on family. I love my family more than anything. You fuck with them, then well, that’s probably not a good idea. No matter what happens I always remain calm. I'm about the calmest person on this planet. You can try scarin me, making me sad, and hurting me. No matter what, I stay calm. Now all I need to do is learn how to stay outta trouble. haha. That's ok, Im working on it... That’s it. That’s me. If you have any other questions ask radio shack. You got questions. They got answers. I’m surrounded by my job and they have to be some of the best people I’ve ever met. No one’s plastic. They’re genuine, sincere, extremely friendly, talented and even bizarre. I usually have strong connections with people like this.

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