Randy Talbot
Randy Talbot

My Pets

I am very fond of animals and was raised with many types of animals growing up. One recently is Dixie I had her 17 years but had to give her up for adoption. She was almost 7 feet long and was 3 feet when I got her. Dixie is special in her own way and she has a mind of her own. Loved her to death. I follow up often on how she is doing and follow her on Facebook (haha). Then I got a cat and he is THE BEST cat I have ever had. His name is Reginald (Reggie for short). Scroll down through Dixie to see Reggie. 

These are pictures of our Mountain Lion. I was raised with her almost 35 years. The pictures are of my mom and myself. I had to throw in the Racoon grabbing my chips and running off. LOL

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